Rating System

I review books based on a variety of factors, and though the structure of my reviews may change from book to book based on how I felt about it, there will always be some common elements.

I will always address the plot, writing style, characters (and their relationships), and world of the story (if applicable, obviously). If it’s fantasy or science fiction, I will address any magic or unbelievable technology included based on how well it was done. I will also always address anything truly unique about the book (such as the format).

I will always include the description of the book (from either Amazon or Goodreads) and link back to that description. There will also always be quotes! If a book has been hyped, I will compare it to the hype, or to other works by that author. If it’s a sequel, or some part of a series, I will try and be as spoiler-free as possible and compare it to other books before it in the series. Most everything will be spoiler free!

I tend to rate things very highly (I’m stupidly optimistic), and as such, here are my ratings:
★ star: Hated. Absolutely hated. Probably couldn’t finish. (There are only about 3 books in my reading history I could give this rating to).
★★ stars: I really, severely disliked it. Finished it, but had major problems. Would not recommend. (This is often stuff I have to read for school).
★★★ stars: It was okay. There were a few aspects I liked, but ultimately I was dissatisfied. Probably wouldn’t recommend, and if it’s a series I probably won’t finish the series.
★★★★ stars: It was pretty good. I enjoyed reading it! Mostly, these are good books that for whatever reason didn’t resonate with me as strongly as I would have liked. Still, worth a read. I’ll finish the series.
★★★★★ stars: Awesome!!!!! I LOVED this book! I’ll probably reread it at some point, and/or am looking forward to the rest of the series!

If I’m super conflicted, I’ll do half stars, but it’s rare.